Windchime Zaphir

The Zaphir chime

The Joy to continue, and create this magic instrument with its rich and harmonic sound, inspired us to innovate completely the fabrication of the well-known Shanti Chimes, in our workshop since 1992 .
25 years of experience in making chimes, combined with the enthousiastic investment of our team of skilled artists, made it possible in 2010 to develope the Zaphir Chime, now available in several new tunings, and a range of new marble-colours


There are 5 different tunings ; each instrument has a set of 8 metal cords of a different tone-lenght, which are welded with silver into a metal ring. After assembly of the instrument in the resonance-tube it's tuned again. This time by hand, in order to refine still the interaction of tones and overtones into a circular almost endless flow


Through tight, spiral winding of thin mangled layers of long fiber celluloid, a very strong, thin and flexible resonance tube is obtained with the right acoustic qualities for the warm timbre and crystalline sound of the Zaphir Chime


A specific marbel-technique of "oil-paint on water" has been develloped by us, giving the chime it's unique design in a large range of colours


A layer of varnish 'Ecolabel' protects the chime from dirt and bad weather conditions ; for outdoor use to be renewed from time to time

Long time experience

Has prooven that our chimes are just very resistant, and under various circomstances . .; even after many years, their crystalline sound may still surprise you, again . . and again


Hight +/- 125 mm, wide +/- 65mm. The dimensions of the chime coincidate with the naturel principles
related to laws of equilibrium called : the Golden Ratio, and are fundamental for the soundwave-quality


The chime is made of mostly natural materials in respect of the environment. The resonance tube of the wind chime has been varnished by a protective coating, Ecolabel, Toys EN71-3
The inside by a resistant layer of paint, Green Label, to protect the chime against the first bad weather conditions, dirt ...
The wooden disc is protected by wax .

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