I am Affirmation Deck for Babies - Devany Amber Wolfe

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Design and Artwork

"I am Affirmation Deck for Babies" by Devany Amber Wolfe offers 22 captivating affirmation cards designed for young minds. Featuring adorable collage artwork with baby animals and vivid scenery, each card stimulates visual engagement.

Symbolism and Themes

The deck focuses on positive affirmations, with messages directly written on the cards for early reading skills development. The luminous, opalescent 'moonstone' back design and mix of colorful and black-and-white images engage and stimulate the senses.

User Experience

Created for durability, the cards are made from thick 'baby board' card stock, suitable for little hands and mouths. The deck does not require a guidebook, as each card stands alone with its powerful message.

About the Author

Devany Amber Wolfe, known for her neurodivergent, fey artistry and philosophy, founded SERPENTFIRE in 2011. Her work in digital collage and tarot decks blends vintage sci-fi and magick themes, aiming to bring self-love and positive affirmations to the youngest minds.

Key Features

  • 22 vibrant affirmation cards for babies and toddlers
  • Durable, thick card stock suitable for young children
  • Direct, simple affirmations for positive mind/body connections
  • Eye-catching, colorful collage artwork with stimulating visuals
  • Practical, decorative two-piece lift box for storage
  • No guidebook required, fostering independent engagement


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